Hypnosis Career Training


The belief at the heart of The Canadian College of Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (CCAHH) is that to be a great Hypnotherapist you need to be fully     competent in all three modules; Hypnosis, Master Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapy.


CCAHH graduates are unique in that they are cross-trained in several techniques, such as Milton Erickson, David Elman, Gil Boyne, John Kappas, Terrace Watts, basic Nero Linguist Programming (NLP), plus others as time allows. These teachings enable our graduates to hypnotize anyone. It is therefore essential to understand how, where & when to use these skills in a natural and flexible way so as to be a skillful and humanistic therapist.


CCAHH conforms to the guidelines of the National Guild of Hypnotist’s Creed, Code of Ethics and Standards, Constitution and Charter. The curriculum is designed to ensure all students exceed the expectations set out in these standards.

The teaching objective is to fully integrate the use of hypnosis so you can develop safely and skilfully as a Hypnotherapist.   All modules are practical and experience-based unless they are obviously historical, educational or theoretical.


All our classes take place in Courtenay, BC. A beautiful venue has been carefully selected to encourage your learning and growth. Assessment will be continual throughout the training and certification awarded at the end of each module based upon proven depth of understanding, course work and above all the ability to demonstrate practically applied hypnosis.  In order to graduate through the system you must successfully complete each module and all parts of it.  Student learning, support and supervision are integral within the training.


We expect all students to spend time between classes completing homework assignments, independent case studies and practice as well as reading assignments. Due to the part-time nature of the program, we realize that most of our students will have other commitments. It is our intention to ensure you are not overwhelmed.


We take a degree level approach to our offering. At the start of the term all students will be asked to select Major and Minor specializations that they will research during term and submit a paper at the end of term as part of the overall course assessment.


  • A complete learning portfolio of case studies & assignments
  • An extensive script library
  • An invaluable training manual (one for each module)
  • Free access to ongoing support
  • Strategies for marketing, sales, networking and financial advice to help you in building your own business.
  • Alumni membership to The Canadian College of Advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy website (coming soon)which entitles you to a listing and picture on the College’s directory promoting your services.
  • Subscription to our quarterly newsletter, bringing to your attention interesting articles and up-to-date study in the world of Hypnosis, NLP and neuroscience, case studies and information about new courses and seminars.
  • In-clinic experience with clients
  • Information you need to start your own practice
  • A specialization in two areas of hypnotherapy.
  • Eligibility for membership to International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA), where you will receive all the benefits and recognition etc. that such membership provides. (Fees apply)
  • Eligibility for membership to The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) where you will receive all the benefits and recognition etc. that membership provides.